111 Blanc de Noir

Grape Variety: 100% Pinot Nero
Serving Temperature: 4 degrees
Alcool: 12,5 % vol
Format: 750 ml
Bottles Produced: 3.500
Vintage: 2014


Harvest: End of August by manual selection in the vineyard choosing only the healthiest grapes harvested in 20 kg boxes.
Vinification: Soft pressing of the grapes with separation of the pulp from the skins, then clarified with the help of cold after which the alcoholic fermentation is started with selected yeasts in tanks at a controlled temperature of 16-17 ° C until complete depletion of the sugars obtaining the base wine which is kept in steel tanks at a temperature of about 5 ° C until the Spring time following the harvest.
Second fermentation: The base wine is added with yeasts and sugar, bottled and capped with a crown cap, the bottles are kept lying for more than 36 months in piles, where the wine undergoes a slow and regular re-fermentation, withholding inside the bottle the carbon dioxide developed during the process, this gives the future sparkling wine a fine and enduring beading.
Movement: After about 45 months from the harvest, the bottles are removed from the stacks and placed in a semi-vertical position, so that the residues of the fermentation can all be collected towards the cap, removing the same pressure generated during the setting of foam to expel the residues, at this point the bottle is topped off with some expedition liquor and closed with a mushroom cap, ready for sale.
Tasting: The color reveals a bright straw yellow with golden reflections, fine and continuous beading. Fruity scent of peach, currant and yellow raspberry with inviting nuances of bread crust in the mouth is fresh, elegant, and very pleasant.