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Working to offer the best wine


The Cantine Briziarelli complies with the regulations of Agrambiente, an integrated project funded by the European Community for the reduction of synthetic chemical elements.

It also in compliance and / or is registered with:

  • Confcommercio (Industry Standards)
  • "Consorzio di Tutela Vini Montefalco"; (Protection Agency of Montefalco wines”
  • "Wine Tourism Movement";
  • Member of "Umbria Top Wines"
  • Registration with the FDA (USA) for the export of wines and olive oil to the USA;
  • Export permit to Texas (issued by the TABC).
  • Integrated production method (participation in 10.1 P.S.R. 2014 - 2020) for arable crops and vineyards;
  • Biological production method (participation in measures 11.2 P.S.R. 2014 - 2020) for olive groves (Foligno - San Gemini);