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More than a century of love for the land.


The history of the Briziarelli wineries begins in Umbria in the early twentieth century (1906), thanks to the ingenuity of Pio Briziarelli: local entrepreneur, philanthropist, a man of great ambitions. When he took his first steps in the clay fields, Pio decided to develop the potential of the bountiful Umbria land by founding his farm.
Thus began the work of cultivating vineyards and processing grapes in the original Cantina di Marsciano along with the breeding and selection of Chianina in San Gemini. Over the years the work of cultivating olive groves owned and arable. The foundations of the Briziarelli Agricultural Society are therefore laid out,




The planting of vineyards, olive groves, new seedlings, development and selection of Chianines begins in Marsciano.




A new Briziarelli initiative starts in the territory of Montefalco.



The first vineyard is planted



The second vineyard is planted



A new winery is built in Bevagna



The planting of Trebbiano Spoletino variety


Agriculture is our craft

What is behind our daily work can be summarized in three words: “quality without compromise”. This is our mission along with our pledge to those who choose our wines. Our diligence is shown in the carefulness given to the continuous experimentation of new processing techniques.

The Briziarelli quality extends to every phase of the winemaking process:

  • from the selection of raw materials to the harvest, performed always by hand, bunch after bunch.
  • from the treatment of de-stemming, carried out with the semi-gravity method, to the fermentation, which occurs at controlled temperatures directly in the tank, thanks to the latest technology and instruments.
  • to bottle the wine which may span up to two years to fully refine the taste of our finest wines.
All this craftsmanship aims to offer the finest wines to our customers whether on the Italian tables or those of the world.