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The Olive Groves of the Briziarelli Estate


Exclusively from the land owned by the Briziarelli family, the olive oil is crafted with skill and respect for traditions. The olive groves are managed according to the organic production method and are certified with the Protected Designation of Origin: "DOP Colli Assisi-Spoleto" for the ones located in Foligno and "DOP Colli Amerini" for those located in San Gemini. Once fully ripe, the olives are selected by hand and cold-pressed within 24 hours of harvesting. Two types of EVO are produced: the olive in the October harvest produces a very desirable fruity oil whereas in November the olive oil produces a robust flavor. Both varieties are enhanced in ordinary use.

Important remarks about the Moraiolo Olive

The moraiolo is a hardy cultivar with a preference for a hilly environment. The name means “of the wall” and begins production prematurely with gradual maturation over time. The oil content is high and characterized by a distinctive fruity taste and for the content of squalene and polyphenols. The moraiolo olive variety is among the most resistant to the attacks of the olive fly. It tolerates shallow soil but fears colder weather and spring frost. The acidic composition is optimal and has little variability with maturation. Sensory profile includes green with golden reflections and a medium-intense fruity aroma due to field grass with a hint of artichoke. On the palate it has a vegetable taste with the flavor of artichoke and herbs whereby subtle nuances can be detected when tasted, so bitter and spicy are pleasantly balanced. Simply stated, the lingering hints of the artichoke and thistle, as well as almond flavor, delight the palate.