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Gold Standard “Quality means method”


The Cantina Briziarelli adheres to the Agroambiente Program, an integrated project financed by the European Community for the reduction of chemical and synthetic elements.

We affirm the following:

  • Integrated production method (participation in 10.1 P.S.R. 2014 - 2020) for arable crops and vineyards;
  • Biological production method (participation in measures 11.2 P.S.R. 2014 - 2020) for olive groves (Foligno - San Gemini);

Our philosophy

Working in viticulture means taking the best from the earth; however, for us this also means respecting the land. This is the primary reason that we are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our plants. We do this through cultivation and harvesting techniques carried out solely by hand without the use of harvesting machines.

Additionally, the sustainability of Briziarelli wines also emanates from the conscious use of resources, such as water and sunlight. We have created a closed circuit system for the recovery of rainwater: well, roofs and squares channel the water and collect it in a tank. Then, we can profitably use it daily and reduce substantially the dispersion of water resources. We also prefer the use of renewable energy sources used by our winery. For instance, solar energy is being used successfully thanks to a system of photovoltaic panels made especially for this purpose.