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The magic begins in the vineyard.


The hill that hosts our vineyards, set up with the best trellis configuration, boasts a homogeneous soil and a good supply of organic substance. The humidity of the valley and the richness of the land create the optimal conditions for transferring the necessary nutrients to the grapes, and therefore provide us with a raw material that guarantees an unmistakably good taste.

The estate is located in the center of one of the most ecologically lush areas in Umbria where producing Sagrantino is a tradition handed down from generation to generation. Just for the Sagrantino, our principal vine, we have reserved the upper part of the hill, distinguished by a greater aeration thus creating the ideal microclimate.

Undeniably, the wind is one of the fundamental ingredients of our wine, because thanks to a constant breeze, our plants are kept healthy. This fact reduces the need to use fungicides and artificial treatments. The harvesting of the grape bunches at the proper season and the arrangement of the grapes in small boxes is done meticulously by hand so as to allow the best selection of grapes. This is first real step to ensure the birth of a high quality wine.